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Home & Health Distributors

On a journey to seek the best that nature has to offer

Clean, healthy and sustainable products direct from source

We want families to be mindful of the products that they introduce into their bodies. Products we carry are made by companies that operate with a high degree of social, environmental and corporate ethics.

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A small team from Wellington creating healthy, delicious and unfairly moreish peanut butter.

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Almighty makes natural sparkling waters with zero sugar and plastic free packaging

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Home & Personal care

Household, personal care and baby care products that are safer for you and the world

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We take the purest ingredients inspired by nature and create an indulgence like no other

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Dairy free alternatives

Dairy free yogurts and firer milks made from organic coconuts and 100% natural ingredients.

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Snacking has a bad rap, but not for Serious. Their products are 100% traceable, chemical nasties-free.


Snack Balls

Tom & Luke produce a sustainable and ethically sourced snack ball range, now Australasia's #1 brand

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Organic Tea

Love Tea

We skillfully craft, blend and pack each of our products in Australia. All tea blends are naturopath crafted

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Our Customers

We supply our products to leading supermarket chains, online grocers and gourmet grocers who share the same values as we do. We also stock up corporate pantries and support local restaurants and cafes.

Supermarket Chains

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We work with all leading supermarket chains in Singapore

Our Services

We offer a personalised and differentiated buying experience for our customers

Quick delivery

Quality and Safety Assurance

A Wide Range of Products

We strive to dispatch our orders within the next working day so our customers dont have to wait too long. We also offer pick up and same day delivery options should there be an urgent requirement 

We offer products from wide ranging categories to ensure that we have something for everyone in our portfolio. The diversity of our client base is testament to this

We only source from trusted and verified brands, direct from source. This ensures full traceability. We comply with the strictest food safety standards to ensure all regulatory requirements are met 

You see something that

piques your interest?

Are you an individual customer looking to buy direct?

Hello Scout's Basket

Scout's Basket is our online offering for end consumers.

Shop our range directly on all leading eCommerce platforms



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